“SeizetheMoment –PushNewMediaNow!”

“SeizetheMoment –PushNewMediaNow!”Social Media RevolutionThe internet has changed how we interact with one another, and now more than ever it seems like new media is pushing the envelope on how individuals, organizations, and businesses use the internet. Whether through instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms, using these new mediums to share content and …

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Push vs Pull

Push media is an innovative media distribution model that takes the hassle out of content consumption. Instead of having to actively search for content, users are served content with minimal effort on their part. This stands in stark contrast to pull media, which requires the user to take the initiative in finding content. Push media …

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Push New Media

The world is rapidly changing, and keeping up with the latest technology can be both exciting and overwhelming. With the advent of new and innovative forms of media, such as streaming platforms, online gaming, and mobile applications, it’s important to understand how to effectively use these tools to stay competitive in your industry. Push new …

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